We use a wide range of different chiropractic, physical retraining, myofascial, and neurological techniques to achieve our results. The list is too long to bother. The information below will help to further explain why we feel it’s necessary to incorporate so many components in our treatment strategy.

Our Goal

Our goal is not simply to focus on a single, or a limited amount of, areas of your body. Where some healthcare practitioners decide to narrow their primary focal point of treatment within the human body to certain isolated areas (feet, shoulders, arms and hands, the head, upper cervical spine, etc..) in an effort to ideally master the diagnosis and corrective treatment of bodily dysfunction within that region, we take a broader holistic approach.

Our Belief

We firmly believe that the human body is vastly intertwined through a network of muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments that create a system that moves together dependently as one complete unit. In other words, the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, connected to the hip bone…. you know how the song goes.

Our Bodies

The human body is quite unique in that each joint and segment of our body operates both independently and dependently of each and every other joint throughout our frame. That is why it is our principle belief that creating an ideal functioning body in motion requires the treatment of every joint from head to toe. We utilize several different methods (activator, chiropractic manipulations, rehabilitative exercises, functional movement re-education, etc) in properly restoring the correct alignment of all the joints and muscles within your body.

Understanding this principle, that our entire body is connected, can help explain why you can break a toe and begin to develop hip or low back pain over the next several weeks due to you compensating and adapting a new way of walking in order not to apply pressure to the broken toe that would in turn make you feel pain.

Your Treatment

We cater each patients treatment based on achieving and restoring proper placement of every joint in the body. Attaining proper joint function along with retraining proper muscle balance and function is what allows our patients not only to get out of pain, but prep the body for long term stability to stay out of our office and most importantly out of pain.

While under treatment at our office, you can rest assure that we will examine, diagnose, treat, and work along with you to correct any bodily malfunction causing a breakdown of proper motion within your body leading to the presence of your symptoms (our bodies way of telling us a breakdown is already occurring causing our present issues). We’re dedicated to our patients getting better. Because that is our number one principle, we work to help you discover what treatment is needed to get you better. This often means we determine the issues causing your problem can be treated more effectively by another doctor focused on your specific condition. We make certain our patients get results, even if it takes a village!