Muscle testing is performed as a means of tuning in to the function of your body’s electrical system or nerve system. When performing a muscle test we are looking for the muscle to respond “strong”. A “strong” or facilitated muscle responds by contracting fully in response to the pressure being applied to it. If the muscle being tested gives way, this indicates that there is an inadequate neurologic control, or inhibition, of the muscle. There are many reasons for this, but is often the result due to neuroarticular dysfunction.  Meaning the nerve transmission isn’t flowing at 100% through the muscle or joint being tested.  This allows for a specific analysis of each patients entire body to be checked for proper function, it also allows for a patient to be checked after each adjustment to ensure that nerve transmission was completely restored to the area after the correction has been made.

We are also able to use muscle testing as a means to check patients with individual supplements to make sure their body will properly utilize the supplement resulting in patients not taking unnecessary vitamins that their body cannot absorb or break down correctly.